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Start Up Visa program

In 2013, The Federal government introduced a new type of entrepreneur program which allows qualified persons with new business or technical ideas, a chance to acquire venture capital from Canadian entrepreneurs and establish their new business in Canada.


  • For smaller projects applicants must convince a group of select Angel Investors to invest a minimum of C$75,000 into the new business
  • Or, for larger projects applicants must convince a group of select Venture Capitalists to invest C$200,000 into their new business.

Applicants must have:

  • at least one year of post secondary education
  • adequate English or French
  • related experience, and
  • adequate funds to take care of themselves and their families while they are developing their business.

The business person must present their business idea to either a group of qualified Angel Investors or to one of several Venture Capital Fund Managers.

The applicant does not need to invest any money in the new venture. Once they are accepted by the investors, they can apply for permanent residence. After landing in Canada, they are expected to establish and operate the agreed to business. Whether the business succeeds or fails, the applicant will retain his permanent residence in Canada.

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