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Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

Work experience requirement to apply as skilled worker:

Your work experience must be either Skill Type 0, Skill Level A or Skill Level B on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Your work experience must be paid, full-time or the equivalent hours part-time. Full-time means at least 30 hours per week. You must have had that work experience during the last 10 years.

These limits do not apply if you have a permanent job offer.

Six Selection factors:

You need at least 67 points to be eligible to apply as a Federal skilled worker. You get different points based on:

  • Your education;
  • Your Language Proficiency in English and French (minimum requirement CLB level 7)
  • Your work experience;
  • Your age;
  • If you have arranged employment in Canada (Job Offer )
  • Your adaptability.

Please note that the FSW point system is different from Express Entry points.

submit an application as a Federal Skilled worker

If you are eligible to apply under the FSW category, you may submit your profile to Express Entry. You will be ranked in the Express Entry pool using a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System