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Family Sponsorship

Family Class

The Federal Immigration program allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor certain members of their immediate family to immigrate to Canada.

Spouses can sponsor one another and their dependent children. Spouses may be married, or in common-law or conjugal relationships, and they may be the same sex or opposite sexes.

Adult children may sponsor their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.


To qualify, sponsors must:

  • not be in breach of an undertaking
  • not be bankrupt
  • not be collecting social assistance
  • not have a serious criminal history, particularly in the form of spousal abuse or sexual offence, or
  • not have any medical issues (In the case of spouses or dependent children most medical conditions may not be used as a bar to admission.)

Sponsor Immediate Family Members

Citizens of Canada and permanent residents, who wish to sponsor their spouses and dependent children, do not need to meet the financial criteria set out in the Low Income Cut-Off Table (Guide 5196-Table 3) in order to qualify, as long as they meet the other criteria outlined above.

Sponsor Extended Family Members

If citizens or permanent residents want to sponsor their parents, grandparents and great grandparents, they must be able to prove their ability to support those family members when they arrive in Canada. The requirement is that they be able to meet the LICO criteria plus 30% for the three years prior to applying and throughout the application process.

The sponsorship of parents, grandparents and great grandparents is limited to 5000 applications per year with the quota being released on January 2nd of each year. Due to high demand and a limited quota it is essential to file the application on January 2nd.

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